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Marked for Later Bingo!

Not mine but something I found through Tumblr!

Marked for Later Bingo (on DW, here: https://stifledlaughter.dreamwidth.org/1387.html) is a way to update/reduce/have an excuse to read some of the fic on your AO3 "Marked for Later" list!

If, like me, the number of pages on your MFL list is bigger than your age (!) then you can get a bingo board to help reduce the list. And a great way to do a bingo for the non-writers on my list!

The original google spreadsheet has a about 31 entries, which means you end up with duplicates. I've added a bunch of options you can include/edit/remove as you want. Or come up with some of your own in addition (you know yourself bestest) and get more bingo options.

My additions to the DATA list:

10th page, 10th work down
Work around 20K
Work from author you don't remember
Work posted December (of any year)
Work with 'only one bed' trope
Work that is part of a larger series
Work above or below a 'sorry, deleted' fic
Work from an author you know in RL
Work with a NoTP
Fic that is still a WIP for more than a year - delete it
Work that is part of a Bingo
Work that has more than 10 chapters
A gen work
A work with OT3 or more
Work with any major AO3 warning (MCD, underage, violence)
Work with 'author chooses not to warn' warning
Work with more than one author
Work from 'anonymous'
WIP that has been updated in the last 6 months
Work with no tags only pairings
Work with pairing you don't normally read

Challenge runs until the end of the year. Hope you can play along!


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