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The June Something - Day 16

Day 16: Do you have a fandom that you follow - either regularly or casually - with little to no knowledge of canon?

I have a couple.

Sentinel -- I've only seen like two episodes and know what I know about canon from fandom. But read and write Sentinel-type fic (with and without Jim and Blair) all the time.

Supernatural -- I slogged through season one, looking for Castiel, and was disappointed to learn he didn't show up until season 3 or 4... the 'monster of the week' isn't my sort of thing so I quit there. But I read a lot of fic at one point, but a lot of them were AU and not fix-its.

Miraculous Ladybug -- I have an online mutual who wrote an huge fic and I've downloaded it and tucked it away for a trip I have upcoming. I know a little about ML but will see what I think. She says I should be okay without knowing a lot... we'll see.

Dresden Files -- I loved the fic Macx write and I've never read any of the books or seen any of the TV episodes. Not sure that counts since I don't really go looking for DF content, but I've read a couple more fic I wouldn't have otherwise.

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