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The June Something - Day 15

Day 15: What fandom pairing took you over like Venom took over Eddie?

I gotta go with McKay/Sheppard. Although Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski is a close second.

From the start, SGA was all about John and Rodney, although there were moments in the early years that I could see the writers trying to point to John/Elizabeth. But I was all John and Rodney from the very start.

I had not-too-recently discovered slash but to this day I can cheerfully ship Jack O'Neill with either/both Daniel Jackson and Samantha Carter. But SGA made me a firm slasher with John and Rodney and I've never looked back.

Although I do have to admit that the Derek/Stiles pairing was firm and fast. I didn't watch the show from the beginning and it took me until Season 3 to realize that Scott was supposed to be the main character! Time (and other writers) lured me into the pretty that is Stiles/Peter but I can still go back to Stiles/Derek regularly.

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