goddess47 (goddess47) wrote,

The June Something - Day 14

Day 14: What fandom broke your heart?

Well, there's been canon hurt at various times.
  • Any time a show I like is cancelled is always painful; it's more painful when I'm truly invested in it (like SG-1, SGA).
  • Torchwood's "Children of Earth" was just so full of angst, and Ianto died! I have it still on my DVR but I can't bring myself to re-watch it.
  • Teen Wolf at least telegraphed its ending, but treated my favorite characters (Derek, Stiles) like crap, to the point that they went off and did other things. (Now, to some extent, they were better off for that, but still...)
  • Not a fandom, but Tumblr went crappy when they banned porn. Luckily, it's still as wacky as it always was and has rebounded, but heaven only know what might happen next.

I haven't run into a lot of heartbreak in fandom, however. I've been lucky to avoid most fandom wank and have found lovely niches to live in.

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