goddess47 (goddess47) wrote,

The June Something - Day 9

Check the tags to find the link to the questions... ;-)

Day 9: Drop the cast of a fandom you follow into a reality tv show - who/what/why?

Let's try dropping SGA folk into... Pawn Stars!

Rodney is the guy who knows the value of *everything*... although John is no slouch and knows more about where things come from and is a history nerd. Teyla is surprisingly knowledgeable about 'pop' culture things (comic books, toys...). Ronon hangs around in the background but is good knowing a lot about cars, trucks and motorcycles.

The rest of the crew are the outside experts. Elizabeth is the old book expert, Radek knows about science equipment, Lorne is an art specialist, Carson knows about old medical equipment, Chuck verifies autographs... lots of fun figuring out who does what!

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Tags: 2021, the june something

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