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The June Something - Day 5

List of questions here: https://squidgiepdx.dreamwidth.org/297595.html -- never to late to play along!

Day 5: Compare and/or contrast your very first fandom obsession and your very latest fandom obsession.

To be honest, my first fan obsession was probably Nancy Drew. I had many of the early (and now problematic) books and gave them away when I was in high school to the neighbors next door. I never heard, but I hope they enjoyed them.

The first fandom I actually participated in was Stargate SG-1... we watched the show when it was on Showtime and followed it to SyFy. Somewhere in the middle was when the Internet blew up and I found the SyFy bulletin boards and found... fan fiction! It like blew my mind!

I was a Jack/Sam shipper at that point. And the folk I was hanging out with were dedicated to 'family' fic. When I discovered slash, that pushed me to Live Journal.

Technically, my 'latest' fandom obsession is Teen Wolf and I'm all about the pretty. Pretty boys doing pretty things...

They're both about fantastical universes, in different ways. Science and magic overlap a lot and lets me do any number of things with that.

In SG-1, I'll pair Jack O'Neill with both Samantha Carter and Daniel Jackson... I'm nice to Jack that way! ;-)

I'm less about writing the sexy parts any more. I'm more interested in the story and the established relationships... so my earlier writings will include more sexy times than what I find myself writing currently.

So I'm not sure that there's a lot that's different, just more toys to play with!

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