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The June Something - Day 4

List of questions here: https://squidgiepdx.dreamwidth.org/297595.html -- never to late to play along!

Day 4: What are the origins of your penname/username?


I was in academic IT for most of my life and one of the instructors told his class that I had done something or another to solve a technical problem and one wrote to me and asked "Are you the computer goddess that Mr X was telling us about?" It was fun and tickled my fancy.

The '47' comes a tad from Doug Adams. But instead of 42 I picked 47 because it's a prime number. When someone asks why not 42, I explain "I've adjusted for inflation."

As a side story, I would always have folk stop into my office and stand in the door and say, "I have a question." So I'd say back, "47" without hesitation. They'd look at me funny and I'd explain, "You have a question and I have an answer. Didn't say they'd go together!" This entry was originally posted at https://goddess47.dreamwidth.org/108505.html. Comment here or there as you please.
Tags: 2021, the june something

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