The June Something - Day 3

Questions here: https://squidgiepdx.dreamwidth.org/297595.html -- love to have you play along!

Day 3: What's a favorite, or at least memorable fandom meeting/interaction that you've had?

OMG! Squee! It's now almost 12 years since the first Squee and I have the best life-long friends from that.

That first year, in South Carolina, was such fun and Squee weekend pretty quickly turned into Squee week! Last year's online option let us invite even more folk and there will be plans for Squee 2021 coming soon.

But it's fandom, fun, food, friendship! Just... all the best things!

It was instant friendship and I probably wouldn't be as involved in fandom as I am without them.

(If you're interested in joining us for Squee 2021, which will be late September/early October, let me know and we'll add you to the list... we're currently planning online and in-person options so we can include folk who can't/aren't ready to travel.) This entry was originally posted at https://goddess47.dreamwidth.org/108234.html. Comment here or there as you please.


I've been wanting to go to Squee! I was just feeling settled enough (and paid enough) at my current job to think about for-fun traveling when the pandemic hit :( Traveling was out, and I've had to keep working.

Definitely please add me to the list for this year! I don't think I can travel, still, but maybe I can join the land of day-shift for some virtual events...