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Challenge #25: Envy

Title: Envy

Author: [info]Goddess47

Rating: G

Warnings/Spoilers: Beginning of Season 5

Pairing: McKay/Sheppard

Length: 300 words

Summary: For the [info]McSheplets Challenge #25: Envy --

Note: Thanks to fenchurch1 for the quick beta... and -- hey! -- I wrote yet another McSheplet without either John or Rodney..... *g*.... oh, and the standard lame title warning.... just out of ideas tonight....

This is a followup to Cycles -- it's short but you don't really need that one to have this make sense...

Samantha Carter was tired and just wanted to go home. Not that she was sure anymore where home was. Now that she was back on Earth at the SGC and evidently relieved of command of Atlantis -- Woolsey? they were replacing her with Woolsey? -- she should check the status of her apartment in Colorado Springs. She had stolen Rodney's idea and set up automatic payments on the rent and had organized a cleaning company to come in every two weeks to keep the place usable. Going to an empty apartment was marginally better than the anonymous 'guest room' at the SGC.

Rodney.... thinking of Rodney made her think of Atlantis. God, she missed it already. Jennifer, Teyla, Rodney, John.... They had been a great team and working with them had been amazing. She'd have to make sure John and Rodney got commendations for their efforts in rescuing Teyla and fighting Michael.

John and Rodney. That was something she hadn't ever noticed until Jennifer had inadvertently said something to her. Once she knew, though, she could see the deep, easy affection between the two men. They were discreet enough that she could overlook the relationship and since it never affected their work, she went along with everyone else in pretending that it didn't exist.It was only late at night that she would admit to herself that she was jealous of what they had together.

John and Rodney. Who'd a thunk it? Next thing she'd know, someone would be telling her something even more preposterous like... like.... that Jack and Daniel were sleeping together......


Heeee! This put a very big smile on my face! Really nice :)
::glee:: Hoped to do that.... Thanks!

great last line :D
Couldn't resist it when it occurred to me.... Glad you liked it!
Poor Sam. First she finds out about John and Rodney. What will she say when she finds out about Jack and Daniel?
Poor Sam, indeed! ;-)

Hee! Oh Sam, who'd thunk it indeed? :)
Poor Sam... hope she's not pining after Jack! ;-)
LOL! Isn't she in for a nasty surprise then ::evil grin::
::evil grin:: indeed! Yes, poor Sam is in for another shock!
Glad you liked it! ;-)
Sam could get seduced by Vala.
Hmmm.... there's a thought..... and they would be hot together, wouldn't they? ;-)
I really liked this. Actually several levels of envy going on here... Woolsey and the boys. And yes... the last line is just priceless! Good job!
Sam has been out of the loop, hasn't she? ;-)

Glad you liked it!!!
Thanks for the giggle. Loved the last line.
oh that poor misguided woman--she never noticed?? I guess that's just another difference between Keller & Janet--civilian vs military.

cool fic.
Thanks..... glad you liked it ... and the others you commented on.... <3