goddess47 (goddess47) wrote,

Dear Son, (G)

Title: Dear Son
Author: [info]Goddess47
Rating: G
Warnings/Spoilers: Canon character death; spoiler for "Outcast"
Pairing: McKay/Sheppard implied
Length: 300-ish words
Summary: For [info]Seperis' - Dead Letter Variations Challenge -- go check it out!

The rules are: take a character; kill him/her; let him/her write one last letter, it can be to the world, it can be to a particular person, it can be to no one; s/he's died, and this is all that remains.

This is a multifandom opportunity open until August 31....

Dear Son,

Thank you for coming to my funeral. I honestly wasn't sure you would. The last time I saw you, I said some pretty unforgiveable things -- I'm glad you overlooked that enough to attend.

I suspect that General O'Neill never told you that we met once. I was at the Pentagon, part of the team making a proposal to Homeland Security, looking to do business with them, when the General pulled me aside to ask if we were related. When I told him you were my son, he asked if I had heard from you lately. When I said, "No," he shook his head as if he wasn't surprised. He went on to tell me you had been promoted to Lieutenant Colonel, were head of a base and doing a good job.

He gave me an email address for you. I never did use it. Thought I had time, I guess.

The folk around here have told me more about what you're doing and I'm... amazed. Living and working in another galaxy is something I have a hard time believing. But you're doing it and doing well. I should have known it would take aliens and space ships to get your undivided attention.

Take care of your little brother. Yes, he's grown but he needs his family, just like you do.

Don't mess up with this McKay fellow like you did with Nancy. I liked Nancy but I know now that you shouldn't have had to sacrifice your own happiness to try to make me happy. If he makes you happy, just... do it.

I never got to tell you a lot of things but this one is important -- I'm proud of you.



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