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The June Something - Day 1

Questions for the June Something can be found here, on [personal profile] squidgiepdx's journal. Feel free to join us at any time!

What's a new fandom that you've fallen into since the last June Something/in the last year?

I haven't totally fallen into a fandom as recently been introduced to "The Dresden Files."

There's an amazing fic by Macx called "Unconditionally" on AO3. Here: https://archiveofourown.org/works/24073849/chapters/57937651

The story is about Harry and John Marcone finally getting together and Harry learning to trust John. Harry's powers evidently need a 'shield' to allow him to use his powers to their fullest. Of course, John is his shield. Together, they're making Chicago their own, keeping the city safe as well as dealing with the Sidhe courts. I don't know enough about the fandom to know if it's OOC or not, but that's actually good, so I can simply enjoy the story.

It's currently a WIP but Macx can be trusted to finish it. She's been churning out chapters regularly since she started.

I'm late to the fandoms, but I've recently started watching both The Mandalorian and The Witcher. I haven't read a lot of fic, especially in The Mandalorian (because while I enjoy some of Star Wars, I'm not a huge fan of anything but the original trilogy), but what I've seen so far will let me enjoy the occasional fic and any crossovers I come across.

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