goddess47 (goddess47) wrote,

Some Stargate writers could use some love...

If you haven't looked yet, there were 11 creators that included Stargate in their Fandom Trumps Hate offerings. Most, including mine (thank you!), have at at least one bid on them and the auction closes at 8 PM EST on Feb 28th, which is approximately 30 hours from now.

If you're in a position to be able to help out, there are still 3 folk who have volunteered to write Stargate fic (or do other fan labor) as part of Fandom Trumps Hate who have no bids on their offering(s).

The list is here: https://fth2020offerings.dreamwidth.org/tag/fandom:+stargate,golden+needle?mode=all

If you do bid on one of these, the FTH folk ask you drop a note to fandomtrumpshate@gmail.com so they can take the offering off the 'golden needle' list... not required, just a helpful thing to do. So the list may change as the tags are updated.

You may or not be able to help, you may or may not be interested in what was offered. That's perfectly okay! Just wanted to help keep folk writing Stargate fic!

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Tags: 2020, fth

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