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The Friday Five! Miscellaneous Questions!

It must be Friday already, somewhere...

This week's [community profile] fridayfive (on DW). Feel free to play along!

1. What is your favorite game?

Almost anything that involves cards. Pinochle specifically, but rummy, crazy 8's, hearts... anything!

2. What is your earliest memory?

I have a memory of sitting next to the fence in our back yard, reading a book of some sort. It was a sunny, summer day, but I don't remember the book. But I was proud of being able to read!

3. If you could have one wish fulfilled, what would it be?

I'd like to win the lottery so I can share the winnings with my family. And then we can all take a cool vacation together.

4. Have you ever lost something that is important to you? Were you able to find it?

My college ring. It's more of a sentimental thought anymore and I never did find it.

5. Would you rather go scuba diving or rock climbing? Why?

Neither! I can't do either. I can't manage the breathing for scuba diving. And I can't do heights... when there's a scene in a movie or on TV where the viewer gets a view from a height, I'm wincing and closing my eyes.

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