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Fanlore! Another way to 'give back' to fandom!

It turns out that February 15 is International Fanworks Day. (As well as Evil Author Day, but that's a different discussion!)

Fanlore is a wiki organized by the same folk who run AO3, and populated by fandom folk, and it's an interesting resource. Check it out if you've never done so.

In honor of International Fanworks Day, Fanlore has a week-long challenge to do some work on Fanlore... little things, like set up a personal page. The challenge starts today, but you can do anything at any time. Kind of like SnowFlake was... little things to help fandom out!

Check out the list of tasks here: https://fanlore.dreamwidth.org/94586.html (only on Dreamwidth!) The community is really low traffic, join and follow.

Now, I have to warn you that the challenge is that Fanlore uses the same wiki software that Wikipedia uses. So the 'coding' to set up a page is not anything you've probably ever seen before (unless you've worked on Wikipedia -- which you can, you know!). There is a handy-dandy guide page with an "editing cheatsheet" right in the left hand menu. Follow the examples and you'll soon be an expert!

Even if you don't do a lot, it's worth checking out Fanlore and see what's there about you! You don't have to be a BNF to make your own page. Go ahead and do that! My page is here: https://fanlore.org/wiki/User:Goddess47 It doesn't have to be a lot, just tell us about you!

Fanlore can be a way for folk who want to "help out" in fandom (any fandom!) but don't know where to start or what to do. Fanlore is a simple way to help and only requires a little bit of your time (or, you know, you can go down the rabbit hole, but that's up to you!)

Check it out, if nothing else!

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