Locus Awards -- One of Us has Won!

Before the Internet became what it is, I used to read a lot of books. I haunted bookstores and libraries for whatever was there and always came home with a stack of books that I devoured.

Then real life hit and I had to do that working thing, but I still read a lot of books.

Now? I still read -- all the time, but it's all fan fiction... I was trying to have a conversation about reading with an acquaintance, and we had nothing except the love of reading in common... I didn't know any of the books she was referring to and she, of course, didn't read fan fiction. And when I do read the occasional book, they tend to be pro books written by fan fiction authors I follow (I buy books from them in an effort to boost sales and help a fellow writer out!). Which means they aren't mainstream and most folk won't have read them.

Which makes the list of this year's Locus awards interesting... I don't know more than one author in most of the categories, when at one point (okay, more than a few years ago) I would have not only recognized all of the names but probably have read at least half the nominations. The only names I recognize are older names who have been around for 20+ years.

That's not a bad thing, for I've come to enjoy the endless variety of fan fiction, but it's nostalgic, if nothing else.

And, the best part, is one of us has won an award. If you don't know, Naomi Novik is our very own 'astolat' (she doesn't make too much of a secret about it, evidently) and has been writing pro fiction for quite a while now. I just recently learned that, and have gone on to read her book Uprooted. (Quick review: parts of it were a slog, but it was an interesting tale of magic and finding one's own destiny; recommended) I bought an actual printed copy of her book Her Majesty's Dragon (book one of a larger series) in anticipation of some travel I'll be doing, where a real book will be better than relying on my phone for everything.

If you're doing pro writing, keep on writing and know we're out there supporting you! Otherwise, enjoy a list that might spark some of your own reading!

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holy crapballs, that's AMAZING!
I think she has other awards, but it is cool!