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The June Something - Day 2

Based on this post. Join any time! No pressure... or just read (and occasionally chime in!)

If you were able to insert yourself into one fandom as your reality, what would it be? Bonus: How different would you be in that reality?

This *is* tough... Since I'm a multiple fandom person, I can see myself in more than one place!

I'd adore being in Atlantis! (In spite of the Wraith and Genii!) I see myself as support staff... I'm great at behind-the-scenes things and I can see myself doing the same thing there... maybe working in the labs as a tech, or as a Marine in a support role, like being on the Gate when Chuck isn't working! There's lots of support work that needs to be done, and I could find something useful to do without any problem!

But having magic, ala Harry Potter, would be amazing! I'd be an arithmancy instructor, that fits with my 'math teacher' background. But... magic! ;-) If not at Hogwarts, I hope I'd get work at another school. Not sure I'd want to work at the Ministry, at least not until Hermione becomes Minister for Magic!

I don't think I'd be a very different person from what I am now...

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