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The June Something - Day 1

From [personal profile] squidgiepdx -- because we've been too quiet and need to visit more...

Based on this post. Join any time! No pressure... or just read (and occasionally chime in!)

We all have that ONE fandom, or OTP. But what would you consider your backup fandom? Bonus: Who is your backup OTP? Same fandom or different?

Hmm... my original backup fandom is Harry Potter. I've written a number of fic in that fandom and continue to write there.

For HP, my OTP is Harry/Severus. While I've written Hogwarts-era fic, that's often problematic because of Harry's age, but I enjoy writing them as adults, out of school. There's a truth that "all that passion has to go somewhere" and I think that once they get beyond the war, and get to be adults, that they find each other.

OTOH, I've written something that resembles Harry/Draco (it can be read as friendship or pre-slash) and I can see that relationship also. But I go back to Snarry regularly.

Although it's been interesting that I've been writing Teen Wolf lately... and I'm torn between Stiles/Derek and Stiles/Peter. I can see both pairings and find myself switching between them. Both Derek and Peter deserve nice things, and Stiles can be that for them. (And... shhh... there's a Derek/Stiles/Peter in the WIP folder!) So I don't have that one pairing for this fandom.

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