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The June Something!

Stolen from [profile] sqidgiepdx... feel free to steal and share!


So I've been really lax in being on DW/LJ as of late, from both reading and posting, and I wanted to do something about it. You know how we start out the new year with the Snowflake Challenge? Well, I'mma try to post every day in the first half of June, but I've got my own set of questions. They're below. And if you're interested in joining me, please do! Use my questions or come up with your own. I'm gonna post June 1st through June 15th.

Now maybe this'll give me the kick in the ass to post more. :)

And now, may I present The June Something!


We all have that ONE fandom, or OTP. But what would you consider your backup fandom? Bonus: Who is your backup OTP? Same fandom or different?

If you were able to insert yourself into one fandom as your reality, what would it be? Bonus: How different would you be in that reality?

What character do you think you would end up being best friends with? Bonus: What other character would you and your new bestie give a hard time to?

You get to crossover two completely different fandoms. What two shows, and why? Bonus: Give us a preview!

You get to insert your favorite OTP into a new fandom. Who is the OTP, and what fandom? Bonus: Give us a preview!

What fandom that got a series finale was that most appropriate/most satisfying. Bonus: What about it would you have changed, if anything?

What fandom that got a series finale was the LEAST appropriate/least satisfying. Bonus: How would you have fixed it?

What is a fandom that you never thought you'd get into, but did? Bonus: How did you end up getting into it?

What is the smallest fandom that you're in?

What is the largest fandom that you're in?

What is the fandom that you're in, but none of your fen are?

What fandom did everyone else get into, but you never did?

What do YOU consider fandom's "little black dress"? Is it a coffeeshop AU? Sharing a bed trope? Bonus, share your favorite example.

Some long fics used to come with a playlist. What's a song that you were introduced to by something fannish, and what was it inspired by? Bonus: Share a link to the song/music.

What is something you do today that you wouldn't be doing if not for fandom? Examples: Vacation with fellow fen, running a community, etc.

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