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How do I do this to myself?

So I've picked up a pinch hit for a Teen Wolf Steter (Stiles/Peter) Reverse Bang story.

Interestingly, for this RB, 'art' is really 'media' and one of the pinch hits I had to pass on included a playlist of songs -- none of which I knew anything about... sigh... I'm officially old! LOL...

I did end up with a pinch hit for a pic I could do something with. The original challenge called for at least a 10K word story, but pinch hits only need to write 5K since the timeline is limited. Okay, I can do that.


I'm already 7500 words into an FBI_Rookie!Stiles story and he's still calling Peter just 'Hale' in his head! Meep! But I have to finish the story line before I can fix it up -- there's too much dialog and not enough other words (but I guess it's a lot of 'showing' and less 'telling')... but it does need fleshing out... luckily, I know where it's going, but, well... it'll be over 10K before it's done... sigh...

OTOH, the Steter drabbles I've done recently get more traffic than the Sterek drabbles. It's interesting to see how that flows.

If anyone's available for a quick and dirty beta early next week (fic is due May 31), I'll take any help I can get. I'm looking for SPAG mostly, just a second set of eyes to make sure I don't have anything terribly stupid in the story.

Back to writing!

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