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Friday Five - History!

From [community profile] thefridayfive on DW! Feel free to steal from me or go there and play!

1. Is there a particular historical period or event, anywhere in the world, that fascinates you?

I was a kid in the 1960's and there are aspects of that time that I think would be fun... there's no perfect time, but, boy, some folk really did have a great time.

2. Would you like to visit that time, or live in it permanently, or does the whole idea make you want to run screaming?

I'd only want to visit, I think... no internet! ::grin::

3. What's the best piece of historical writing, nonfiction or fiction, you've ever read?

I don't know if this is cheating, but "Written by the Victors" by Speranza (on AO3). It's fanfiction of a future universe written in an academic/historical style. It's brilliant for the format (and the story is cool, too!)

4. What's the worst?

I've read some dreadful historical romances over time... I read so little 'real' historical writing that I can't begin to name anything specific.

5. Is there a historical site you would love to visit?

Huh. This is harder than it looks. When I was in grade school, part of a family trip to the Western US included a visit to Mount Rushmore. I'd like to go back, but to the way it was then, since it's essentially an icky tourist trap now.

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