goddess47 (goddess47) wrote,

Done! Phew!

For anyone following along, I spent the month of April writing "Shouting Down the Silence" on Kiera Marcos' Rough Trade site.

It's now as complete as it's going to be for the moment. It's pretty rough, since it's 30,000 words written across the last 30 days and posted pretty much as it was written.

Links to the chapters can be found here: http://www.roughtrade.org/category/projects/shouting-down-the-silence-stargate-atlantis/ There's no internal links to the next chapter, sorry... use that page as your guide.

Keira will be cleaning up the site, probably by late May-ish, so it won't be there forever. But I will be putting it aside for a moment, so it can simmer a bit and plan to get it on AO3 by early Fall.

The story has lots of potential for more, which is cool, so as opportunity arises, I'll be likely to add to the series.

Thanks to anyone that read along and, if you've been waiting for it to be finished, now's your chance!

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Tags: 2019, fic, sga

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