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The Friday Five - High School!

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1. Did you enjoy your senior year of high school?

Skipped my senior year of HS. Was in a position to graduate early, so I did!

2. Did you have a senior trip (high school) and were you able to go on it.

It was a *huge* high school (800+ in the graduating class), so there were no senior trips.

3. Was graduating (from either high school or college/university) a big thing with your family or just another day?

Didn't go to the HS graduation, but college graduation was a bog thing... family came to the ceremony, there was dinner, and a night out with friends. Good memories.

4. What were you looking forward to the most after graduating from either high school or college/university?

After college, definitely looking for a job! I ended up with a professional job I wasn't good at and got canned (rightfully so!) from that. Worked in a Dunken Donuts for a bit before I found a professional job I was good at... never looked back from there!

5. Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give your graduating self?

I was more than ready to get out of high school early... if you're mature enough and have something to do (school, work, whatever), then don't hang around just for your friends. Take a minute to do something for you. I never regretted not going to the senior year of high school.

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