goddess47 (goddess47) wrote,

Friday Five -- St. Paddy's Day!

1. Have you ever made corned beef and cabbage?

Of course! Making some this weekend! Mostly for me, the hubby doesn't care for it!

2. Will you be tipping back a decent pint of Guinness this weekend?

Not a Guinness fan... but I could go for some Irish Whiskey!

3. Do you own an Irish wool sweater?

I love the look, but wool makes me itch too much! So, no, don't own one!

4. Have you ever ‘met’ the Tart with a cart (i.e. have you been to Dublin)?

No. (Maybe not yet! My brother wants to go... )

5. Do you know what tractors, submarines and ejector seat all have in common?

Not a clue! Toys for boys? Huh. I googled it (and not telling), but I should have guessed!

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Tags: 2019, five

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