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FandomTrumsHate previews coming soon!

I've put an offer of fic on the [community profile] fandomtrumpshate project that will be opening soon.

If you've not run across this project before, it's a fundraising activity for a bunch of different organizations.

As a reader/donor, you find folk like me that you'd like to write a fic for you. You bid on my services by promising a dollar amount to a specific organization. You get to pick the organization, I've allowed donations to any that suit your particular values. But they've vetted the organizations reasonably well, so wherever you choose to donate, it's a good cause.

Highest bidder makes a donation directly to the organization, and then we negotiate what kind of fic you'd like. I've made offering in Harry Potter, Teen Wolf and Stargate: Atlantis for a fic in (I think) the less than 5000 words category...

The actual process is being run on Dreamwidth this year (evidently, last year was on Tumblr).

Previews of what's being offered (and there are a bazillion of folk offering fic and other fannish things) opens in the next couple of days and then actual bidding starts after that. If you have even a faint interest, you should subscribe to the comm on DW so you can see all the information.

If you're interested in being a sport and bidding on me, don't go crazy... even a few dollars to a good cause is a Good Thing.

I can answer questions about what I know, other questions I may refer you to the comm for...

But, it's a small way to do some good.

Hope you at least take a look, when the previews open!

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