goddess47 (goddess47) wrote,

Draight of Living Death || HP || PG

Title: Draught of Living Death
Type: Fic
Age-Range Category: Four
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Severus Snape, Minerva McGonagall
Author: [personal profile] goddess47
Rating: G
Words: 1200
Warning(s): None

Note: When I was debated about participating, I poked at previous year submissions and found a wonderful piece of art by [personal profile] mywitch that you can see here which inspired this fic. I hope I did that image justice!

Written for [community profile] snapecase 2019 where the goal is to write a fic (or do art) for a specific age of Severus Snape. There are a number of wonderful fic and pieces of art on the comm; check it out if you're a Snape fan.

Summary: Severus figured he had earned one nice thing in his life, since nice was not something that was going to happen ever again.

On AO3: Draught of Living Death

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Tags: 2019, fic, hp

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