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Update on me...

The folk at Squee saw me hobbling -- badly and painfully -- when we got together earlier this month... so those there are aware that I was scheduled for hip replacement...

That hip replacement is just shy of 2 weeks ago now... I'm physically doing well after the surgery, and the hobbling that exists is due to healing that still needs to be done. There's still a modicum of pain, but it's better and there's a glimpse of even better days ahead.

Turns out major surgery makes me stupid... I've just now written about the most I've written since the surgery... so the thought of filling my 'free' time with writing hasn't happened... sigh... good thing I have a reasonable start at the Reverse Bang that's now going to be late-ish... The brain is easily distracted by everything and nothing... and naps are great things... I often wished for a month of boredom, but I really did want it on my own terms.

And while good drugs are good things, turns out I'm allergic... meep! I knew i had an allergy to Naproxin (Alleve) but turns out I have a similar reaction to Oxycontin... the most horrid, itchy rash appears....eventually... it started a bit in the hospital but bloomed once I got home. I still have a ton of spots, but the itching has mostly gone away. That makes me grateful that the other hip is in good shape and don't have any other problems on the immediate horizon that will require major pain killers.

I literally just started PT today... between hospital stuff and places that wouldn't take my insurance for home health care, I finally had a PT session at home... I'm doing mostly okay since hips are easier to rehab than knees, evidently, and would actually survive with just walking around... but the therapist adjusted the walker better for me and gave me some basic exercises to do... and the hubby was there watching and will make sure I do them regularly!

I'm kinda enjoying being out of work, and it will be interesting when I go back... that's another story for some other day... I don't know how really productive I had been with the pain I had been in... I have some good folk working for me, so I know they picked up a lot of slack.

I suspect another week stuck at home will bring some major boredom... and there will be the 'this will never end' blues...

I did sign up for mini-Nano -- that should help me get some words done in the coming weeks! I have a couple of things I wanted to work on that I haven't had time to do... now if I can only get my brain to focus!

Thanks to those that have already sent cards and good wishes... they are greatly appreciated!


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