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Karma is a bitch!

So I'm at a conference this week in Lake Placid, NY... lovely Lake Placid of Olympics fame.

The weather is, well, crappy and it's supposed to rain 2 of the 4 days we're here.... and, then, there is this...

I'm staying at the Golden Arrow *Lakeside* Resort. This is the view from my room....


The driveway is the entrance to the parking garage and the fencing in the upper right corner is for the on-site restaurant/bar... it better not be noisy!

There are, literally, about 20 rooms in this entire hotel that don't look over the lake... it's not a bad room (although there's no desk and I've drawn up a chair to the end of the bed to be able to use the computer reasonably well!)....

Oh, well... hopefully, I'll get some writing done! That's the goal for my free time!

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There's a flash flood warning going on. Not sure whether you are in the area. Be safe...

I think the major rains are east of here, over into Vermont... but thanks! The walk between the hotel and the conference center is just long enough to get thoroughly soaked! ;-)
No way.
I *know*... sigh...