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Tyler Hoechlin on Super Girl!

Yeah, I know... I'm behind!

I just watched the Super Girl episode (or at least one of them) with Tyler Hoechlin as Superman... Okay, IMDB is my friend and it was "The Last Children from Krypton" from 2016... I'm really behind!

It was fun, and Tyler was hot in the Superman outfit. Interestingly enough, all cleaned up, it would be tough to know that Superman and Derek Hale was the same person! Tyler definitely looks different without the scruff.

Part of the episode was Kara and Kal El having 'fun' doing the hero thing together. They put out a huge fire, stopped a robbery, and did everything but rescue a kitten from a tree. They were cheerful, and the banter was upbeat.

Tyler was cheerful, clean shaven and focused... in my head, that's who Derek Hale would be, if he had never run into Kate Argent, and if his family was alive. (Although, then there's be no story!)

But it had to have been a fun part for Tyler!

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I'm sooo late to this post but I have to say how much I enjoyed Tyler as Superman! He did such a great job with that role!