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Perspective is all...

For reasons, I've been listening to a series of podcasts that I've collected over time...

One that I've finally gotten around to listening to is called Gatecast... it's a re-watch series for all three Stargate series... they have a web site here: http://gatecast.co.uk/

These are serious SG fans, knowledgeable about the entire set of series and they have a good sense of humor. The series originates in the UK, and one of the participants is from Australia, so sometimes the accents are a bit foreign for my American ear... but it's not too thick, just sometimes I have to pay attention.

I just listened to the Atlantis wrap-up episode they did. I have not listened (yet) to the individual Atlantis episodes they've done (those are still in the queue) but I was interested to see what they had to say about Atlantis in general.

What I found greatly interesting was to listen (male) fans talk about Atlantis from a incredibly gen and het perspective. As a card carrying slash writer, it's fun to see what others like, especially something that's different from my own tastes.

In listing their list of favorite episodes from the series, their top picks included "Vegas" and "Sunday" -- which I will agree were good episodes -- but there was no mention of "The Shrine" or "The Tao of Rodney" which we have watched endlessly on Squee weekends...

They were also faintly enamored of the Rodney and Jennifer relationship, although one of them did consider Keller to be a 'recurring' character, not a main character. ::giggle::

I do have to say that the discussion was interesting and I plan to listen to more episodes. It was the total lack of 'slash goggles' that made it even more fascinating.

As I listen more, I'll let you know what I think!

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