Back online!

So I'm (almost) back from our cruise... I'm currently in a hotel room not too far from LAX... unfortunately for my sister-in-law, it's evidently too far form anyplace interesting to visit... I know she was hoping to do some tourist thing... but I don't feel too bad, she could have done some research ahead of time and did not... so they're in the hot tub, I'm in the room... finally on a reliable internet connection!

Mexico wasn't exotic by any stretch of anyone's imagination... mostly tourist trap things... the tequila tasting tour we took was fun and it made me appreciate different flavors and that it's a more complex liquor than I had previously thought. But the "feel free to tip me, as well as everyone around me" step away from begging quickly became annoying.

I understand it, mind you. The trip this week wasn't largely different from the trip I took to Acapulco when I was in college... over 30 years ago, if anyone is keeping count! But the separation between 'everyday' folk and the rich is even larger now than it was then. There is a minimal middle class, and the dependence on tourist dollars is kinda scary. You don't have to go far to understand the desire to try to come someplace where there is a chance at earning a decent living. </rant>

And then, of course, I catch a cold on day 5, and am still suffering with that... which is why I'm in the room and not in the hot tub! (Darn!) I'm hoping for some decent sleep tonight so traveling tomorrow is better than it would have been today. It would not have been pretty, being on a plane from LA to Buffalo with this cold... tomorrow won't be perfect, but I'm hoping to be over the worst of it.

So tomorrow will be mostly offline, traveling, but will be checking in on Monday and catching up with my flist.

Missed you!

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Glad you got mostly back okay.
Ugh, sorry you're sick on your vacation. That is the worst! Hopefully you'll be feeling better by tomorrow though. Flying is exhausting enough...
I haven't been around much (real life getting in the way and all that) so I missed that you were on a cruise! I'm jealous--I've always wanted to do that! Please tell me you have pictures to share with us--what was the weather like? Inquiring minds want to know. :D
Hope you had a great time