goddess47 (goddess47) wrote,

Vacation! And going (mostly) offline

Not that I post a lot, but wanted to leave a note that I'm going on a vacation with the hubby, his sister and her hubby for the next 10 days... I'll have some internet access along the way, but there will be days of being offline...

So if I'm not posting at all or not even commenting, that's why!

I'm getting a withdrawal headache even thinking about it! ::grin::

We're going on a cruise to the "Mexican Riviera" -- from LA to various ports along the west coast of Mexico. Days at sea are actually my favorite... I'm away from home, on a boat and they have alcohol! What more could one ask for? Well, the even better part is that there will be serious writing time along the way. I have a bunch of stories due in late Feb and early March that I'm hoping to get some work on while I'm away.

There will be a trip report and some pics when I get back...

Don't have too much fun without me... although if you do have too much fun, package some of it up and save it for me!

::hugs to everyone::

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