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Looking for suggestions from any Brits (or Britain-knowledgable) on my list

Part of my 'day job' is working in an IT department in a small US college outside of Buffalo, NY. So, east coast USA, as a point of reference.

One instructor requires students to video something and upload it to the internet so she can see it and grade the project. The instructor can barely spell 'computer' much less use one, but she's teaching an online class.

One of the students in the class has created a half hour video project that is on her phone that she needs to upload and submit. The student is in the military and currently stationed somewhere in England (I don't have an exact location).

The student doesn't know much more about technology than the instructor and cannot even get the video off her phone to download to a flash drive to simply mail the video that way. Claims the phone won't do this, and the cable she has won't work for that access.

I suggested she find a video camera where she re-record the video, download it from there and, again, mail it in. She claims no one has a video camera... she took the 'video camera' suggestion literally and I've now sent her back looking for someone with another phone. Sigh.

Additionally, I've now sent her to the base IT department... I'm out of ideas.

What I'm looking for is whether it's at all possible to 'rent' high speed internet access in England... might there be options to get access to higher speed internet options... public and home internet seems to be 'too slow' and won't upload the video to any video service. I'm into throwing money at it (it's not my money! ::grin:: ) to try to solve this problem.

I'm suspecting that you're going to tell me "in London, you can..." and I'll take that... in the end, this really isn't my problem, but if I don't have a reasonable option, it will be my department who gets some of the (undeserved) blame....


They will probably do a Skype session where the student plays the video for the instructor there... if the instructor is happy, I'm happy, but there has to be something I'm not thinking of...

Anything you can suggest will be appreciated! Thanks!

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