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Sticking Around, but making back up plans...

Couple of folk on my flist have already posted notes about moving post only at Dreamwidth. This is due to the servers for LJ being now fully located in Russia.

If LJ disappears without notice, I'm still "goddess47" on both Dreamwidth and Insane Journal... so come and find me there, if you need.

And, if you have things on your LJ that you'd like to keep, there is an LJ archive program that seems to work fairly well.

LJArchive - downloadable here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/ljarchive/ -- is simple to install and run... there is a ljarchive comm where there are comments about problems with downloading comments, so I skipped that for the moment in favor of having at least my posts. It's an older program, but installed and ran on my Win 10 system with no problem. Not sure it runs on a Mac, you'll have to poke at it.

It only took minutes to download 500 some posts that started Christmas 2007 (!)... My LJ has fic I've written that I really don't have anywhere else...

The program will also archive communities -- have to try that next to see how it works.

What it doesn't do is copy things that I've posted elsewhere on other comms or where fest mods have posted for me... so there are a couple (okay, lots!) of things that I'm going to search for this weekend (since I have no New Year Eve plans).

But I'm sticking around -- there are things comms / people here that I don't have contact with anywhere else...
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...honestly, I have little doubt that within the next year or two, people will be making similar posts about servers housed in the USA. And we'll all be scrambling to find platforms with servers in Germany or Scandinavia (but will feel inadequate using them, and thus indicate our credibility by hoisting aloft copies of the IKEA catalogue), or else in Canada (where users will likely be asked to rank photos of Trudeau-bae's pectoral muscles. Which... 8?)

But no, all facetiousness aside, thanks for linking to the archive tool.

I'll be glad to beta test that photo ranking process, if needed!

Instead of captcha, it'll be:
On a more adult level, I will note there is one way around the 'copyright' issue that another of your friends brought up: publish everything (on some other platform, like AO3) under a Creative Commons international license. I have chosen to produce my fanworks under CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 license -- I get credited, my work can be remixed, and no one makes any money off of it.
And really... if someone takes something I've written, translates it to almost any other language and makes some money from it...

(a) I'll never know
(b) there's nothing I can do about it

So I can't worry about it...

But SGAMadison does write works for profit, and she just got bit by a digital reseller stopping paying authors their royalties. And she's had her works stolen out from under her, where others have posted her work and tried to sell it. So she's especially sensitive to the issue...
Yes, I can see where that's a different kettle of fish entirely.
I've had a Dreamwidth acct for what feels like forever, but I've rarely used it or cross-posted to it. No harm in making a backup journal, and I hope in a couple of years that 'better safe than sorry' is what we'll be saying about this change and our reactions to it! :)
And the backup plan is the best option...make sure you're comfortable with what you have and have an 'emergency meeting place' with your online friends.

Hopefully, this is just another act in the LJ drama that has happened over the years.

I don't know that I will continue to maintain my LJ account, given the things I read here: http://lynnenne.livejournal.com/285076.html

As long as the servers were in California, we had some rights and recourse if those rights were violated. Once the servers are in Russia, not so much. Not to mention they could delete journals, assume copyright over your stories, etc.

I don't know what to think, but I'm worried.
Well, the Russians have had access to everything for years, so that's not new...

And they've been pretty much unresponsive to comments from users forever... so that's also a non-starter...

I can see the point made that they may start to totally ignore the non-Cyrillic folk by making the system inaccessible -- that's the biggest thing that might happen... hence the backup plan.

I kind of think of this like the recent elections. There are things I can't do much about, but I try to have options when something goes fubar.


Yeah. Give PEOTUS's cozy nature with Putin, it may be a moot point which country our servers are in soon. :-(
I'll be crossposting from now on, but until LJ becomes inaccessible I'll probably still leave comments and visit communities. I'm not really worried about the Russians seeing my personal posts - I mostly talk fandom or complain about work lol. But I want to be where my friends are~