goddess47 (goddess47) wrote,

Alphabet Soup - SG-1 Gen Fic Day!

If you don't know, sg_fignewton runs an "Alphabet Soup" SG-1 Gen fic challenge on an irregular basis.

The list of contributions (so far) can be found here: http://sg-fignewton.livejournal.com/295209.html

I did three short entries for this time around...

G is for Grandpa Nick
Daniel got his love of languages from his Grandpa
Here: G is for Grandpa Nick

I is for Incendiary
Playing with fire can be dangerous.
Here: I is for Incendiary

Y is for Young Samantha Carter
Sam had shown her brilliance even as a child.
Here: Y is for Young Samantha Carter

Go and give some of the others some love!
Tags: 2016, alphabet soup, fic, sg-1

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