goddess47 (goddess47) wrote,

Learning to Breathe

I'm still stunned that this country really elected Donald Trump president.

My firm beliefs:

--this is the US version of Brexit and there will be a number of folk going "What?" in a relatively short period of time. It won't be everyone, but it will be significant enough to make the rest of us into a real majority.

--Trump will be, at best, a one term president. This is parallel to Jimmy Carter who came in to "make everything better" but didn't have the Washington savvy to get anything done. There are still three branches of government and the President is only one.

Let the idiots have their celebration... we're still here, working to keep everything together. They won't even notice us.

So. The goal is to: celebrate our successes where we can find them, no matter how small; keep an eye on each other; keep your head; and keep your head down.

We're here for each other...

Tags: 2016, rl

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