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Learning to Breathe

I'm still stunned that this country really elected Donald Trump president.

My firm beliefs:

--this is the US version of Brexit and there will be a number of folk going "What?" in a relatively short period of time. It won't be everyone, but it will be significant enough to make the rest of us into a real majority.

--Trump will be, at best, a one term president. This is parallel to Jimmy Carter who came in to "make everything better" but didn't have the Washington savvy to get anything done. There are still three branches of government and the President is only one.

Let the idiots have their celebration... we're still here, working to keep everything together. They won't even notice us.

So. The goal is to: celebrate our successes where we can find them, no matter how small; keep an eye on each other; keep your head; and keep your head down.

We're here for each other...

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Good thing? Oregon elected the very first LGBT person to head a state. Kate Brown is a bisexual woman who assumed office in 2015 when our last governor resigned. She ran for reelection this year (for some reason our governors only serve 2 year terms) and won it pretty easily.

Bernie got me fired up when h was running, and I got myself elected as county/precinct neighborhood chair. I have 92 Democratic voters in my neighborhood, and at least 75% of them voted! Final numbers aren't known yet, but the night before election day, 75% of ballots had been turned in. (We're a vote by mail only state). That's more than most of the neighborhoods in my county!!
See? Small victories will keep us going and -- eventually -- help us take back control.

Ya done good!
Stunned here, too. I can only hope this motivates those of us who don't believe in what Trump stands for to unite to protect those he aims to harm.
Amen to that!

There's still a lot of us who don't believe in what he stands for... we just need to use that when we can!

Thank you.

I've had a terrible time finding any footing - or peace with this. Your words help.
Was that the deal with Carter? I really only know him for the work her did afterward.
Carter wasn't a bad president, but he was a better ex-president. He could use the platform to do all the good things he couldn't get done as president.

But, as the Chinese curse goes "may you live in interesting times" -- I think we're there.
Yeah. Thanks.
I'm not so worried about Trump as I am Paul Ryan. I'm on disability, I live in HUD housing so all my neighbors are on SSDI, SSI, or Social Security, and because our heat is included in our rent, we get $16 in SNAP a month. They've already cut funding to the local mental health center.

If Paul Ryan writes a budget similar to the ones he has in the past, he'll cut social services by 30-40%. Medicaid will become block grants, and Medicare will be privatized. Paul Ryan, the devout Catholic, will make life untenable for the poorest of the poor, the disabled, and the elderly. All to invoke some Ayn Rand vision of the future.

With both the House and the Senate in Republican hands, his budget will pass. And Trump will sign off on it.

I get $815 a month and I'm on the low end of scale in this building. I can't make it on 30% less, let alone 40%.

We're barely surviving as it is. We won't survive Paul Ryan. We won't survive the next four years. I doubt some of us will make it to the mid-terms.

This isn't hyperbole. HUD will be cut too and we'll be required to pay more in rent, not less. We'll add to the homeless problem in my city; we'll starve; many of us will freeze to death, as homeless people do in Wisconsin winters.

We have, at best, a year before Ryan's new budget kicks in. By then, the rest of you will be in such deep financial trouble, you won't be able to help us. You'll be keeping your heads down and working quietly to end Trump. And while you do, we'll be dying.

Good luck.
That is scary... and I do worry about anyone who lives on the edge like you do...

I live in NY and I've been reading that the newly re-elected (D) NY Senator -- who thankfully has a longer term than Trump -- Chuck Schumer, is likely to be the Minority Leader... a position that lets him slow down or stop some of the things that the Republicans may want to do.

It may be worth while to take up letter writing to folk like Schumer, to let him have the information he needs to deal with Ryan...

We'll have to find the rich white men (the only ones Trump seems to listen to) and get their help!

It isn't going to be pretty, so we have to hold on to each other ever more!


Chuck Schumer already knows the score. He's been down this road with Paul Ryan since 2012. Short of the filibuster, which Mitch McConnell is saying the Senate will revoke, there's nothing Democrats can do.

The last time Republicans had the White House, the House, and the Senate was 1928. In 1929, the stock market crashed and the Great Depression began. Let's hope it's not as bad this time around.
We can only hope they don't dig us into a hole so deep that it will take 20 years to dig out.....or into something like Reagan that hit us 20 years later.......

term limits for House and Senate!!!!!

Too true...

We have to hang on to each other even more now...

But it isn't just Trump. Congress is now entirely controlled by Republicans... and his Vice President and all his buddies are as far right as it's possible to be. Even if you're correct and he only has one term... a lot of damage can be done in that amount of time.
I was reading that the newly re-elected senator Chuck Schumer (D, NY) -- I'm from NY -- may be the Minority Leader and that he will be in a position to at least slow down some of the things the Republicans try to do...

So, it's time to start letter writing... write to folk like Schumer so he has the information he needs to deal with the Republicans... it's our turn to stand up...

And... we have to hang on to each other... we will be even more important to each other...