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Fest prompts?

I have the SGA Secret Santa request page as a tab in my browser right now... it's been there for a couple of days.

I'm going to participate but I'm staring at the sign-up form and, for the life of me, can't really come up with any decent prompts... I can do the generic "fluff, happy ending, pining" thing but I keep wanting to do something even a hair more interesting...

What sorts of things do you prompt others for, especially for a kinda generic fest like SGA Secret Santa? When it's a holiday fest -- like Halloween -- it's (maybe?) easier to come up with something holiday related.

What sorts of things do you put into the 'not want' category?

For most fests, unless it's a dark theme, I always ask for "no major character death" and sometimes "no partner betrayal" but past that, the good news is that I'm pretty open to lots of things... folk who dislike mpreg, for example, put that into the list, but I think mpreg is fun to play with... so it's interesting to find that fine line.

Well, if nothing else, go and sign up yourself! http://sga-secretsanta.livejournal.com/15468.html -- maybe we'll end up writing for each other!

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