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Worlds Colliding

I love it when real life and fandom collide!

Well, only for me, but my fandom friends will understand.

As a required compliance training thing at work, we were all required to complete a short, online training session on harassment and gender equity. There's a business reason for the emphasis on the gender equity part but -- for anyone that works for even a faintly large company -- it was a typical training exercise... several screens of definitions and about "playing well together" but this particular session had an emphasis on dealing with gender fluid folk. It finished with a short series of very simple "is this harassment?" questions to see if you had been paying any attention at all.

As I'm going through this exercise, I'm remembering a Teen Wolf story I had read that was about a 'wolf who was male when he was in human form, female as a wolf -- and he had a boyfriend. (FWIW, it was a very well done story, particularly sensitive in dealing with the young man who struggled with his female instincts near the full moon).

But there I am, working through this very bland exercise that took the time to define -- more than once -- what "gender fluid" meant, and wondering how corporate folk would deal with someone like my young werewolf friend.

Maybe corporate america needs to hire more folk in fandom... just a thought!

PS: The story is part 2 of "Little Wild Animal" series on AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/series/309867

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Maybe corporate america needs to hire more folk in fandom... just a thought!
We need more fandom everywhere! \o/ :D Honestly, I do think being in the fandom makes people more open-minded and accepting, and it wouldn't hurt to have more of that in any workplace. And it sure makes boring things more fun if you can give them a fannish spin ;)
I think fandom is sort of ahead of the curve in that sort of thing. And I agree it tends to help us with the open-minded and accepting mindset. I know exactly the story you mean, too! Good one! :)