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I love staying up at night....

It's the dratted day job that I have to be awake for that's the problem... sigh... getting up in the morning after not enough sleep isn't fun!

So... toddling off to bed earlier than I'd kinda like but, honestly, I need the sleep!


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*hugs* Hope you sleep well!

I tried going to sleep early, but my brain decided it didn't want to :/ Tossing around until the wee hours can be fun if I'm thinking about fics, but this time, not so much... Even if I have nowhere to go, I usually set an alarm so I don't waste too much of the morning sleeping. I like being awake when it's light outside :D (And those hours are getting shorter now)
Argh! I can sympathize. I've been forcing myself to go to bed around 10:30 pm because if I don't, I could wind up staying up all night easily.

The sad thing is it doesn't matter when I go to bed. I never feel as though I've gotten enough sleep in the morning when I have to get up!