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Through a series of minor... accidents? mishaps? poor planning? all of the above? I've become the local 'bookie' at work...

It's all at the friendly level... the football pool started years ago by a woman in another office who luckily moved it online before she retired. As she was looking around for someone to take it, one of my friends in another office took it on and I said I'd help her out. So my friend ran the pool and the secretary in the office handled the money.

Well, then my friend -- over-honest soul that she is -- was elected secretary (not treasurer, just secretary) of the local union and decided that she needed to step back from running the pool and would I take over... and the secretary in her office would continue to handle the money.

Well, in the middle of the season last year, the secretary went out on long term sick leave and rather than return, she decided to retire. Leaving me to run the entire thing.

Luckily, I have a minion in my office who has been helpful and has been good about helping to collect money and soliciting players.... I do love having minions!

Football starts Thursday... the good news is that the pool mostly runs itself and once we get started, I only need to dole out the money... we do try to keep it simple!

Life is always interesting!

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