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Fic I Need to Write...

While I keep a to-write list, I thought it might be useful to me to say out loud the fic I need write over the next bit... I didn't make the Sterek Big Bang cutoff and my HP Drizzle fic was really, really late... so there's enough to do in the Fall that I need to keep writing... some less reading will help that, I suspect! ;-)

Fests I've signed up for:

SGA - Conspiracy theory fest

HP Mini Fest

Secret Snarry Swap -- although it's not really a swap; you just pick from a prompt list and write a Snarry fic

SGA Reverse Bang -- good thing here is most of this will be into the new year

Yet to come:

HP Halloween - haven't seen this yet, but it will probably come up for air in late September -- and it's only 200 words

SGA Secret Santa -- not sure if it will run again but want to leave space for it... if anyone knows anything, that would be helpful

And there's always a multi-fandom Advent Fest (daily prompts) for December that I've done some of in the past...

Hmmm.... guess I have my work cut out for me...

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