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Pretty Feet!

Let's see if this works... I've finally given in that I should have more pics and while I know lots of theory, actually doing it is always the challenge.

And LJ was always picture friendlier than DW, so anything image-wise, I've generally done there. But since I'm trying to also cross-post, have to see what I can do!

Pretty feet!

This is the result of yesterday's free Saturday... I'm the once-a-year mani/pedi person, so yesterday was it. I got this lovely purple-ish color on the toes and did the sensible clear on my hands...

If I get anything but clear on my hands, I'm going to pick at it from the beginning and strip it off before I get to work on Tuesday because I never do it and I'm hyper-aware of it... ;-) The young lady who did my hands understood the "short and round" description (they frequently try to do things that I would never do and I'm cleaning it up the next day), so she cleared up my cuticles (I think that's TMI) and it's fun to have that for myself.

Off to a friend's house for a small picnic for the holiday weekend.

If you have any non-Atlantis Jack O'Neill fic you'd like me to rec on [profile] stargateficrec, feel free to leave me a note... I'm trolling AO3 for Jack O'Neill fic that might need some love, but I'll be glad to share any you think worthwhile!

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