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Huh. I missed a day in September already.... oh, well.

I have an extremely rare Saturday to myself at the moment. The hubby and all of his golfing buddies are all retired, so they do the majority of their golfing during the week when I'm at work... when they used to go on weekends, they'd go at the crack of dawn -- "don't want to waste the day" -- and be back by 11 am when I'm still having coffee!

Luckily for me, one of their favorite places had a middle-of-the-day special that was too good to resist. With a 10:36 tee time, a busier (i.e. slower) course because of the special, and that they have slowed down themselves, I'm good until at least 3 pm!

I have a fairly people-heavy job and when I get home I frequently need some alone time. With the hubby being retired and I'm not, I usually only get that alone time later at night if he's gone off to bed before I'm ready. And by then I'm also sleepy and just want to relax.

So I have rare time today to post miscellaneous things before I run to the grocery store, maybe eke out a few words on stories I've got to work on and just enjoy the quiet of my house...

I know it's different for everyone... here's to whatever makes your day a good one!

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