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Head-canon versus Real-canon

I find it interesting that I've read (and written) enough fan fiction over the years to find what I think in my head and what is 'canon' are now two very separate things.

Couple of easy examples:

--it took me like 3 seasons of watching Teen Wolf to realize the show was supposed to be about *Scott* and not Derek and Stiles. To be fair, until Scott became an Alpha, that was not an obvious thing. But I should have realized that Tyler Posey getting the lead billing should have been a clue.

--Based on that, I've already figured out that Shadowhunters is also not based on Magnus/Alec as the primary leads and that, in the books, their relationship is secondary. ( ::sad sigh:: )

And then there's my thoughts on various folk in my fandoms:

--besides not really being set up well in the Harry Potter books, I'm more likely to think of Ginny Weasley as either evil / gold digger or just irrelevant. And pretty much the same for Molly.

--similarly, Dumbledore isn't necessarily a good guy; he didn't do what he should have for Harry, even in the books, and his motivations are always suspect.

--Elizabeth Weir was either incompetent or over her head; or both. She never should have been made head of the expedition. (Although I did like Woolsey in that role!)

And then there are pairings:

--I ship Harry/Severus, but I can also see Harry/Draco, Harry/Neville and Harry/Hermione.

--I ship Stiles/Derek, but I can see Stiles/Peter and Stiles/Lydia

--I have to admit to not knowing enough about Shadowhunters (yet) to have any other pairings besides Magnus/Alec, but Jace is pretty free-wheeling and Izzy is fun!

--OTOH, it's only ever John/Rodney ::grin::

How has fan fiction warped your view of your fandoms?

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Well... I've worked so hard to make Keller a likeable person in my fic so as not to be accused of bashing her, I think I've made her more reasonable than she was depicted in canon. The writers couldn't seem to decide if she was a party girl, a child prodigy, or just in over her head. There is no way someone with her youth and inexperience would have been made Chief Medical Officer unless she was *brilliant*. I find it hard to believe someone with as much self-doubt as she had would have attained that position either.

I think Keller should have been the female Rodney. I think she should have been just as arrogant and confident (it would only make sense, given her age and position--she couldn't have attained either without those traits). What I would have liked to see is Pegasus beat her down and teach her humility. THAT would have made for a far more interesting character.

I read in various stories that Ronon was both a poet and a carpenter back on Sateda. I can see both in my head now.

Tormack is real, right? :-)

Fanfic has lead me to believe Rodney is bi and John is gay. That John's mother died when he was a young boy and he had some other male role model/mentor besides his father. That Rodney's parents fought like cats and dogs, and didn't know how to deal with their brilliant children.

I never even remotely paired Harry and Draco together until I saw an amazing fan vid (one which I can't recall now). I never paired Steve and Bucky until I saw some fanart.

That's all I can think of at the moment. The insidious part of this sort of thing is you can't always remember the difference. :-)

I'm not a multishipper, so it's always one ship for me, lol.

I ended up really enjoying Woolsey as the leader of the expedition :) My thoughts on Weir are complicated. I definitely agree she should have been in a high position of the expedition, given her talents. But after that first year, with the Wraith a known threat to Earth, it didn't really make sense to keep her as leader? At least send a co-leader, perhaps former military, to balance her out. Or make John a co-leader, someone who can make joint decisions. As it was, Weir had the ability to overrule John, which could have lead to some very sticky situations. The IOA couldn't have feared a military leadership, given they sent Sam out there. But leaving a civilian solely in charge of an outpost that is the only connection back to Earth, with aliens that eat humans, under constant threat of attack...weird.

As for fanon: I really love the fanon that John visits Rodney in the labs, brings him food, drags him off to bed. I love the idea that Beer on the Pier is a semi-regular thing, too :D Also: movie nights, whether team or just the boys.