goddess47 (goddess47) wrote,

Any TW fen out there?

I've started writing a fic for the Sterek Big Bang... meep! I've only written shorter TW fic so far, so this is a stretch. I'm signed up for only (!) 10K and I hope I don't have an epic story here...

I have a really broad outline of my story and I have like only 1500 words written... but I was wondering if anyone would be willing to take a look at the little I have and give me some general feedback. Not anything near a beta, it's nowhere near ready for that... but I want to bounce the story idea off someone and make sure I'm not making it too OOC.

It's an AU where the Hales are still wolves, but there's no fire and magic is forcing itself back into the world... I suspect that's why it feels OOC, Derek hasn't gone through the icky things he did in canon and, well, he's a good guy with his family around.

Leave a message here and I'll be glad to send you the bit I have...

Many thanks!

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Tags: 2016, rl

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