goddess47 (goddess47) wrote,

Weekly Check In -- Summer plans!

ETA: I posted to my own journal and not IIO... ::headdesk::

Hey, InkingItOut-ers! How are you?

How has the week been for you? Have words happened? Editing? Anything starting with the letter "M"? ::grin::

I know we're not all in the Northern Hemisphere, but I am, so I'm asking about summer plans... what sorts of things -- if any -- do you do in the summer.

Those of us that have to pretend to be adults have this work thing that interferes a lot -- although I do enjoy having a roof over my head and regular meals -- but when the weather is good, what sorts of things do you enjoy?

I love when I can cook out on the grill every night... it means simpler meals (and fewer dishes!) and it's a fun thing to do.

Even if there are no words to report, come in, I'll pour you some ice tea or lemonade and we'll chat... tell me what you'd like me to throw on the grill for you!

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