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Bittersweet Endings...

If you're not familiar with Slash Report, scurry over to http://www.slashreport.com/wp/ and see what you've missed.

This was an irregular podcast, originally about 'slash' things but it expanded to anything about fandom... and a HUGE range of fandom from Stargate to Star Trek to Hannibal to Little House on the Prairie!

This was organized (using the term loosely) by Pru -- also known as Rageprufrock and MK -- also known as MKlutz.

For my SGA friends, Pru is the author of "Bell Curve, or Ladies Night at the Boom Boom Room" (here: http://archiveofourown.org/works/252893... where Rodney is a college professor and he thinks John is a really bad stripper but turns out to be his TA... a classic in early SGA fandom.

MK wrote in SGA but may be known among my TW friends for writing "Cupboard Love" (here: http://archiveofourown.org/works/507169/chapters/892584) where Stiles is a poor college student who makes money by cooking amazing meals for Derek.

They were funny, intelligent, sometimes had a little too much alcohol but always gave honest opinions about their subjects. I learned about Manga, Sailor Moon, K-Drama, and other fandoms I never would have paid attention to.

Well... all good things come to an end... after 5 years of podcasts, they are hanging up their mics and moving on to other projects. ::sniffle::

Some of their podcasts will be outdated... the Season 2 podcast on Teen Wolf will be seriously Jossed by now, but is probably still interesting... the SGA podcasts are pretty timeless, especially to the SGA fen on my flist...

You can download the podcasts from the site and listen to them when you have time. I recommend them highly!

Good luck to Pru and MK... I hope you're not leaving fandom behind... it will be a sadder place without you!

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