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Asking for more?

I'm not going to name names here, in case the folk involved are paranoid enough to google themselves (and a couple of them are)... and, if anyone involved is on my flist or reading this, this is a YMMV sort discussion.

There's a discussion on a FB group I belong to, where one of the folk is loudly bemoaning the fact that someone read their fic, and liked it enough to ask something along the lines of "I love the story! Are you going to write a sequel?"

There's a group of writers (fan and pro) who are prolific and well liked enough that I suspect this gets to be tedious... when you put out what is a relatively generous size fic and folk write "great! moar!" it can be exasperating...

But, well, that's like 2% of writers, who are that prolific -- and have that many fans. The rest of us churn out fic at reasonably decent rates and I think it's actually flattering when someone asks the same question... or occasionally asks the "gee, will there be more?" of a fic that I wrote like 5 years ago.

To react in a totally negative manner to the poor soul asking what they think is a flattering question is, in my opinion, a bit much... there is a group of folk that will stomp all over the commenter, who may not be familiar with the "never ask questions or beg for more" stance the writers may have adopted, taken from the person who started it.

The person who started this has set up hoops to get to the fic and is very clear about the "do not ask questions, do not ask for more" stance. I guess if you're taking that same stance, you should be clear about it -- on every fic. Set up moderation and delete comments that you feel are annoying. But if you aren't clear about this stance when you post, you can't complain about it.

I'm flattered if anyone asks and generally answer with a "if the muse strikes me, there may be more"... which I think is a relatively polite answer and, honestly, the truth. I have gone back to a few stories and written more in that vein... so, while it's unlikely, I think it's a reasonable, and polite, answer.

It's just a frustration of mine when folk who think they are being polite and encouraging get some pretty vicious responses... I know it's made me more cautious about leaving feed back...

Especially when I'm reading a WIP, I would comment on the fic, and then leave a "I'll wait (not so) patiently for more!" as a -- hopefully -- cheerful comment that, when you're ready, I'll read the next part... I find myself doing that less and less, just so I don't offend someone who doesn't want to be asked for more...

Le sigh.

[end rant]

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