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As If We Need More to Read!

Reading fic always gets in the way of actually writing fic... I was tempted for like 30 seconds to sign up for the July Rough Trade (write 3 separate fic of 10K-ish words each in the month of July in 3 different fandoms that are crossovers with Sentinel fandom), then came to my senses...

The reality is I'm still working on 3 other fic that are due in early August and while I have substantive starts on 2 of them, they're all a long way from being in anything resembling decent shape! So I'm going to do a (hopefully) better job on those, rather than doing too many haphazard things.

But if you need new fic to read and are fans of Harlequin-type fic, then [community profile] unconventionalcourtship (I think only on Dreamwidth!) has started posting for the month of June... the idea is to write 1000+ words in any fandom based on any Harlequin plot you would like. It'll be fun to see what folk do... check it out. There's also an AO3 collection, but no guarantee all the fic will be cross posted there (although I suspect it's highly likely!)

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I'm always in the market for new fic to read and new fandoms to read it in! Yay! Also, what are you writing that's due in August? ::chinhand:::
Hey, you! Long time, no see!

I'm doing two Harry Potter stories and a Teen Wolf (!)

The HP stories are for hp_drizzle -- which means that the weather is involved somehow, and for hptimetravel and, of course, is based on time travel. Both of those are Snarry, the first will be more humorous and the second is faintly darker.... I've started them both and switch back and forth, depending on the mood I'm in.

The TW is for the Sterek Big Bang, but I only signed up for the mini-bang, for 10K (!) words. I have a bare outline for that, but not sure if I like it or not... it's very AU, (the fire never happened) but I have a start and I'm going to see if it inspires me enough...

How are you! What are you doing? Working on anything?