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On the Road

I'm sitting in my room in a lovely Bed and Breakfast... I'm attending a conference for work purposes, one that I go to every year.

Turns out I've 'won' essentially a tontine... I'm the last person who has attended all 25 years of this conference... the other two folk who were there last year didn't attend this year. The conference has evolved over time and it's interesting to be the 'old fart' and watch all the new (and younger) folk show off their shiny toys. Been there, done that... I'm now here to watch and enjoy.

The B&B was a lucky find. I was scoping out the location of the hotels relative to where the conference was being held on Google Maps and up popped a "Felician House Bed and Breakfast"... I grew up with Felician nuns (attended a Catholic grade school through Grade 8!) and in reading the web site, it's a renovated convent with rooms to rent. And, even better, the cost is actually slightly less than the hotel I was poking at.

It's kind of like staying with a friend of a friend. The room is very nice, the breakfast is pretty simple (home made baked goods, hard boiled eggs and coffee), and the quirks are quirky. I'd like a bigger dresser in the room, as an example. What's in the room is cute, but if there were 2 of us in this room, we'd be out of space in a heartbeat. But the inn keeper lives in the other part of the building and she's available when you need her... I'd stay here again!

So. Tomorrow is another 1/2 day of conference, then the drive home -- 5+ hours on a Friday afternoon will probably not be fun... time to get to sleep!

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