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Need a Christmas Present?

While it really is kinda for everyone, not everyone will appreciate this! But if you're on my flist, you're most likely going to be in the 'wowza' category like I am!

The 2017 Michael Stokes Veteran's Calendar is now available for ordering! Here: http://michaelstokes.net/collections/2017-veterans-calendar

The unsigned calendars are $25 each, but some unspecified amount goes to a veteran's charity. I'm happy enough with that... he is in the business to make a living and I don't begrudge that fact.

If you don't know Michael Stokes photography, he does yummy pic of yummy men (although he's also done some women) and a number are veterans who have suffered some kind of catastrophic injury... usually the loss of a limb (or two!) but he has a way of making everyone look beautiful... and if you like pretty men, just check out his web site... he also has a Facebook (although he grumbles about Facebook censoring him since most of the photos are... let's say... artsy!) where he posts pretty pictures on an irregular basis.

Evidently, last year's calendar sold out, so I ordered mine already and it's already shipped. The hubby will be surprised if it arrives before I get home from my conference on Friday.

But if you need a present for a special friend, check it out!

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I don't suppose the pages are plastic covered to protect them from licking wetness unfortunate accidents, are they?
Yeah, that's my question too. ;)
If you're good, I'll bring it to Squee to show it off...

Before I jump in and swear to be good...

Are we talking angelic good or BJF good? *coff*
Oh, BJF good! ::nods::
I suspect they could be laminated... ;-)

problem solved

Buy two.

One to display and one to ... er ... interact with. :ebil grin:

I love Stokes's work! Truly amazing stuff. :-)
It is, and it's well worth the $25... I got 2, one's for the sister-in-law that I never plan to exchange gifts with but they always send us something... and my brother was in the service, so the military calendar is (kinda) fitting... although I suspect it will be the cause of much laughter when she gets it...